Hunt furious over Fight Night removal

UFC star Mark Hunt has been taken off the fight card for UFC Fight Night 121 for medical reasons and he is very angry.

The Kiwi fighter recently said in an interview that he is slurring his words following years of damage in the octagon but nonetheless passed his medical for the meet.

But UFC officials stepped in, removing him from the card for further tests. Hunt was angered and posted a series of expletive-laden rants on Instagram.

“I’m disappointed that I have been withdrawn from the fight, I have passed all medicals 2 days ago. And spent 100,000 on camp,” read one post

“The truth is the legal case I have filed has caused me to be withdrawn. The interview has been taken out of context and want to reassure all my fans, I slur my words only when I have a drink I’m fit and healthy, and would have understood if the UFC requested a medical to ensure my safety, however this is total bulls***.”

The legal case Hunt refers to is a long-standing lawsuit dating back to July 2016, where the UFC waved a drug testing rule that allowed cash cow Brock Lesnar to make sooner than expected return after failing a drug test. Lesnar failed another drug test anyway around the time of their fight and the result was ruled a no contest.

Fight Night 121 takes place on 19 November in Sydney, Australia, with Fabricio Werdum replacing Hunt for the main bout.