Bisping promises first round KO against GSP

A bold Michael Bisping has promised a swift end to the return of Georges St-Pierre when the two face off at UFC 217 in November.

GSP took a hiatus from the sport following his ninth successive title defence in 2013. Now, the mercurial Canadian has been thrust straight back into the spotlight on return and faces Bisping for the UFC middleweight belt.

Bisping was talking on his ‘Believe You Me’ podcast when he mentioned how he was going dismantle the former welterweight superstar.

“Generally, when I fight wrestlers in the past, I move around a lot,” said the 38-year-old, who might be competing in his last fight.

“I utilize a lot of lateral movement, forward and back movement, side to side because if you’re moving, it’s hard for a wrestler to shoot a double leg on you because you’re a moving target. I won’t be doing that this time.

“I’m going to stand right in front of him, I’m going to plant my feet, I’m going to walk him down, put him on the back foot, and I’m going to knock him out in the first round. You have my word.”

This is a bold statement from the Brit, considering GSP has suffered just one KO loss in his 27 fight history, back in 2007 to Matt Serra at UFC 69.

Continuing the mind-games, Bisping added that he had been spying on St-Pierre and is not expecting any surprises in the octagon on 4 November.

“He’s been at the Wild Card Boxing gym, training with Freddie Roach,” quipped Bisping.

“I have a couple of spies in there, by the way, and they told me some info.

“Georges, if you’re listening buddy, that’s a public domain. I know people in there. I know what you’re working on, pal. I know what you’re working on, and it ain’t going to work on me, Georgie boy.”