Sterling out to impress fans

Last July at UFC Fight Night 55 he crushed Hugo Viana but since then he has suffered with injuries which has slowed his rise up the bantamweight rankings.

But Sterling plans on making a statement against the former WEC 135lb title challenger in Newark, New Jersey.

"Obviously we're preparing ourselves for the fight, but this is MMA and anything can happen. However, once I make the jump to fighting a top-10 guy I don't think there's any going back from that," Sterling told Fighters Only.

"I feel like this fight will propel me into the top five. I don't see it any other way and it wouldn't make sense if it didn't. It depends on how I win the fight and that's really the mindset I have right now. I'm just going out there focused and ready to get into a fist fight and put a hurtin' on somebody.

"It's weird because I'm generally a nice guy, but once I get riled up and my adrenaline starts pumping this feeling comes over me and I'm just ready to do some damage. 

"I haven't had that feeling for every single fight, but when I do get it I finish just about everybody. I think good things are going to happen in this fight and it's going to be very entertaining," he added.

With his bout with Mizugaki set to be broadcast live on Fox, Sterling knows there will be plenty of eyes on him and hopes he'll be able to gain some new fans by beating the Japanese fighter in devastating fashion.