Bisping: This could be my last fight

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping revealed that his highly anticipated title fight with the returning Georges St-Pierre could be the final of his career.

The 38-year-old Bisping, whose MMA career spans back to 2004 in the days of Pride and Glory, finally won the middleweight title against Luke Rockhold in June 2016 with a stunning first round KO.

Since, Bisping has one successful title defence against Dan Henderson at UFC 204 but that challenge pales in comparison to a fight with St-Pierre, who took a hiatus from the sport after nine consecutive title defences of his welterweight crown.

Now, GSP is coming up a weight class to challenge for the middleweight title and the duo are set to face off on 4 November at UFC 217.

“This might be my last-ever fight,” Bisping told The MMA Hour.

“I don’t know if I’ll fight again after this. What a way to go out if it is. … I don’t know (if I’ll retire). Maybe, there’s a possibility. This may be my last fight. So if everyone wants to see Michael Bisping get knocked out, this is your last chance to do it, guys.

“I’ve done it for so long now. There’s other things to do in life. I still love this, don’t get me wrong. You can’t do it forever. Georges should have stayed retired.

“Georges should have retired as the champion. I’m going to beat Georges, and I’ll retire as the champion – maybe. I haven’t made my mind up on that yet. It depends. If there’s enough money involved, maybe I’ll stick around. I don’t know.”

Bisping has a wife and three children and revealed that they – along with his manager – are eager for him to call it a day this year…win or lose.

“My family wants me to retire, my wife wants me to retire,” he continued.

“There’s a lot of people saying, ‘Mike, you should retire.’ My manager says it. Everyone says I should retire as champion. I’ve made some money along the way, I’ve had a great career, I’ve represented my country. I’ve received more through mixed martial arts than I ever could have dreamed of.

“But you can’t go on forever. You have to know when the time is right. I’m not saying the time is right, but I am contemplating. We’ll see.”