Woodley sweating on shoulder injury

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has a torn labrum and has been handed a 180 day medical suspension.

The American suffered the injury during his third successful title defence against Demian Maia at UFC 214 on Saturday.

The California State Athletic Commission’s ruling means Woodley can only return to the octagon in January 2018, unless he can get another opinion on the injury, which is Woodley’s current goal.

“I’m going to get a second or third opinion on this shoulder, see what I need to do to get back as fast as I can,” Woodley told The MMA Hour.

“And if anybody says, utters, mumbles, accidentally says the word ‘interim’, I’m going to lose my sh-t. Because I fought four world title fights in 12 months, and I was prepared to fight five in 18 months coming out in November.

“So, I dare somebody to say anything about a goddang interim title. I will lose my top because I’ve seen athletes injured for years, months, never defended — how many belts has Conor McGregor defended?

“Let’s keep everything consistent, people. Let’s keep everything equal, let’s keep everything the same. Don’t mention an interim title. I am so going to flip a screw.”