Cormier eager to set up trilogy at UFC 214

Daniel Cormier is confident he will defeat Jon Jones on Saturday and set up a decider later on the year.

Their rivalry will come to a head when the duo fight for the UFC light heavyweight belt on Saturday in California. Cormier is confident he can avenge his UFC 182 loss and then go on to defeat Jones again, after which he will retire or change weight class.

And what will Cormier do after the win?

“I’ll shake his hand after I beat him,” Cormier told MMA Junkie.

“I’ll shake his hand and tell him, ‘Hey, buck-o, get ready for the third one because we’ve still got business to deal with…’ That’s it. Keep your head up, Jon. You’ll be back in a few months, and we’ll fight again.”

Cormier believes it would frustrate Jones if he left the sport, clearing the way for Jones to become champion again, but only because of his absence.

“After I beat him twice and if I walk off into the sunset, or I leave this division, he’ll be the champion again,” he continued.

“I want him to deal with what I’ve had to deal with where he is going to be berated for something that is not in his control.”