McGregor: In six weeks I run boxing

Conor McGregor once again got most of the shots in as he and Floyd Mayweather stepped into the ring together for the first time in London.

Friday night's sold-out Wembley Arena press conference was the fourth and – perhaps thankfully – final stop of the two fighters' international media tour to promote their August 26 bout.

As usual, McGregor and Mayweather turned up for their trash-talking face-off around a hour and a half late.

The Irishman – celebrating his 29th birthday – walked in to some dramatic music wearing a blue three-piece suit.

McGregor made his way inside the ring before being joined by Mayweather – sporting a a huge set of chains around his neck – and his entourage.

There was a brief staredown before UFC boss Dana White arrived, sending the two to their respective tables for what appeared to be a UFC style presser.

The crowd were making their presence felt, most cheering for McGregor.

"We are six weeks out from the biggest fight in sporting history and I am 29 today!" said Conor, after White had finished the introductions.

"Four years ago I fought in London in front of about 500 people. And now look where I am!"
"I'm going to quadruple my net worth for half a fight – sign me up! I don't need to elbow, I don't need to knee. And it's against this b****.

"This is my first time in a boxing ring and in six weeks I run boxing," the Irishman bragged, taking a shot at Mayweather's age and his entourage before throwing his mic to the floor.

Mayweather took up the stage, launching into his familiar 'hard work' chant.

The environment was a fairly hostile one for the American, and he was getting absolutely rinsed by the crowd as he tried to do his thing.

"Sit down, shut up," they sang, before McGregor joined in.

"I own Ireland! I run Ireland!" Mayweather exclaimed.

The boxer did get a big laugh when he turned to Dana White and said:  "Dana you're a pimp. And this here is your ho." 

McGregor then challenged Mayweather to a rematch in the Octagon, and Mayweather said he would love to.

After some more abuse from McGregor (Sing me a f***** birthday song you b****) it was time for another staredown, before the presser was opened up for questions from the media – most of which went to Conor.

How do you address the doubters?

"I'm going to silence him in four rounds," said the Irishman.

How much do you enjoy proving your doubters wrong?

"It gets me going. It's what motivates me. They try to mock me but it motivates me. Anything is possible. We can all do anything. Four years ago I was fighting a tiny venue."

Ultimately the night was short on fireworks, and the world tour probably hasn't ended a moment too soon. In the battle of wits, Conor has been the definite winner. But will it be the same story when the real thing comes along?