Bisping losing hope for St-Pierre fight after conversation with White

Middleweight champion Michael Bisping received a call from UFC president Dana White recently to make an offer to him, but it wasn’t for the fight against Georges St-Pierre.

Instead, Bisping says it was a clandestine offer that he can’t reveal just yet, but it wasn’t about the fight with St-Pierre, who has been teasing his return to action throughout 2017.

Bisping couldn’t reveal the nature of the offer other than to say it wasn’t another fight, but the bulk of the conversation was spent finding out that White seems certain that he won’t get the opportunity to face St-Pierre after all.

“Right now, I’m still looking at GSP. I had a conversation with Dana White last week on the phone, he made me an offer ‘not for a fight’, I will not reveal on here what it was but he made me an offer for something.

“I said what about GSP? He said ‘GSP does not want to fight’,” Bisping revealed on his “Believe You Me” podcast.

“I said well that’s not what I’m hearing. I said I’m hearing he wants to fight me, his coach told me that he wants to fight me.

“He said ‘if I could make the GSP fight happen, I’ll make it happen but he doesn’t want to fight you, I’m telling you’. So I don’t know what the [expletive] is going on out there.”

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Bisping has been clamoring for the chance to face St-Pierre since the matchup was first rumored last year and then in March the UFC held a press conference to announce the matchup for later in 2017.

Unfortunately, St-Pierre was dealing with an eye injury that would keep him out of action until at least November while Bisping was also facing a lengthy layoff while hampered with lingering problems from knee surgery.

Now it appears White is shooting down the on again, off again fight while Bisping is still holding out a sliver of hope that the bout with St-Pierre can still come together.

“GSP, if you’re listening to this, make the call. I’m down,” Bisping said. “We did the press conference. I’m in 100-percent. Failing that, I will have to fight the number one contender. That is my duty as the champion but we’ve had the press conference for me versus GSP.

“For me, I’m still invested in that fight and I want to be part of a big fight and then I’ll take on the number one contender. But if we don’t make this fight soon, I’m going to be forced to move on because that’s what I have to do, that’s my duty.”

The back and forth exchanges between the fighters and the promotion still haven’t given any clear signs of what exactly will happen when St-Pierre makes his return later this year.

From the sound of things, White is convinced St-Pierre won’t be fighting Bisping, but the middleweight champion still making his case for it to happen.

“Dana said if we can make the GSP fight, we will,” Bisping said. “In his opinion, GSP doesn’t want to fight. He feels he’s just [expletive] wasted everybody’s time.”