Former UFC champ Hughes stable after truck-train crash

Former UFC champion Matt Hughes has been stabilised but still hasn’t woken up after his truck collided with a moving train this past Friday in Illinois.

Hughes was airlifted from the scene of the accident after his truck drove across the tracks directly in the path of a moving train.

On Sunday, Hughes’ sister Beth Hughes-Ulrici released a statement on Facebook with an update on the UFC Hall of Famer’s condition while also contradicting various news reports about his condition following the accident.

“Please understand that there are many false reports out there by people who say they are close to the family. We will post another update here when we have more news,” Ulrici wrote.

“Matt is stable and has no broken bones or internal injuries. He has some minor lacerations and bruising and is currently being weaned from his ventilator. He is not yet awake and not responding as we would like to see but we see the fight in him.”

Investigators are still looking into what exactly happened during the accident. The truck Hughes was driving was struck on the passenger side after colliding with the oncoming train.

A highly decorated former UFC welterweight champion, Hughes last fought in 2011 before he retired from the sport but he had recently hinted at an interest in returning to the sport.

At this time, Hughes’ family has asked for all further updates on his condition come directly from them and no other sources close to the situation.