McGregor Mayweather fight set for Aug 26

The boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has been confirmed for August, both fighters announced on social media.

The much anticipated fight will take place on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The contest will be sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

McGregor, in true McGregor fashion, posted the news on his Twitter account using a picture of Floyd Mayweather Senior rather than his son.

Should Mayweather win, it will see him extend his current unbeaten record of (49-0) to 50 professional wins. The bout will mark McGregor’s first professional boxing match. His Mixed Martial arts record stands at 21-3.

The pay-per-view fight is expected to earn McGregor the biggest payday of his career, while Mayweather will receive another huge sum as the blockbuster fight is expected to pull in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

In May, McGregor finalised his part of the deal for the fight with the UFC to allow him to compete in the boxing match against Mayweather. UFC president Dana White handled the negotiations to reach a deal with McGregor, who has become the biggest draw in the history of mixed martial arts over the last few years.

As soon as White had McGregor handled, he moved onto Mayweather so the two sides could hopefully come to an agreement on a fight that could break records on pay-per-view as well as live gate for attendance.

McGregor, 28, a massive outsider, is confident of pulling off what would be a huge upset against a fighter who was barely troubled during his career.

Back in March, McGregor said: “No one in this boxing game knows what’s coming. Trust me on that!.”

“When I step in there, I’ll shock the whole f*****g world. Trust me on that. Look me in the eyes. 28 years of age. Confident as a mother f****r. Long, rangy, dangerous with every hand.

“Trust me, I’m going to stop Floyd. You’re all going to eat your words. The whole world is going to eat their words.”

The bout will be the 40-year old Mayweather’s first fight in two years.