The Rock backing McGregor

Aldo will defend his UFC Featherweight Championship belt against McGregor in Las Vegas on July 11, and the fight has already attracted much publicity, in part due to McGregor's penchant for trash talking.

Johnson feels that McGregor will be able to back up his talk in the Octagon, and revealed that the Irishman reminds him of a bit of himself.

"Conor ain't no joke. He's a bad dude and Aldo is a bad dude, so you're gonna have two bad dudes that are gonna go at it," Johnson told while promoting his new film.

"With Aldo there's a quiet confidence and with Conor the confidence is not quiet. It reminds me of how I was in the WWE, and I was bold and talking s**t and there was nothing that I wouldn't say. 

"Conor creates great interest but it's not bulls**t. When someone has a mental edge, and at times I feel like I've seen Conor get under Aldo's skin – and it becomes an edge."

The 26-year-old McGregor currently holds a 19-2 win-loss record, while his last defeat coming in November 2010. Aldo has a 25-1 record and has not been defeated in nearly a decade and has defended his featherweight title seven times.