De Randamie not dodging Cyborg bout

Newly crowned UFC women's featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie has responded to allegations that she is avoiding a title fight with Cristiane Justino.

De Randamie narrowly edged Holly Holm on points at UFC 208 to claim the inaugural women's featherweight belt on Saturday.

However, Justino – who has dominated the weight class under the Invicta brand – is waiting in the wings for her title shot, where she is the overwhelming favourite.

But after the Saturday's fight, de Randamie indicated she might have to have surgery on her hand, then added she would push for a re-match with Holm. Justino did not take this lightly, but now de Randamie insists she is eager to fight anyone.

"Honestly, I don't take it personally," the Dutchman said of the criticism on MMA Junkie.

"I know I'm not afraid, and I will fight everybody. If you get the chance to fight for a UFC belt, you're going to fight whoever they put in front of you. Only a crazy person would say no."

De Randamie also opened up about the two punches she landed on Holm that were clearly after the bell. Holm's camp has since called for a review of referee Todd Anderson’s performance.
"Sometimes when you’re in the heat of the moment, you're in the fight," she said. 

"You get hit, and you hit somebody. It was absolutely never intentional, and that's what upsets me me so much, people saying I'm a dirty fighter. But I'm not a dirty fighter. It really hurts me when people say that. I truly respect Holly, the UFC and Holly's camp. It's sad that things like this have happened."

Should the duo meet again, de Randamie indicated she would do her utmost to avoid late shots.

"I would be very careful of listening to the bell, because I don’t ever want this to happen again," continued the 32-year-old.

"I would be very carefully listening if I can hear the bell, and if I can hear the click-click of the blocks during the last 10 seconds. I'll probably dance around and move away from Holly, so we don't have this controversy."