Condit back with a bang

The 31-year-old has been sidelined since tearing his ACL in a fight against Tyron Woodley at UFC 171 some 15 months ago, but showed few signs of rust as he left 'The Pitbull' bloodied and battered.

While Condit couldn't end the fight in the ring, it was ended by the ring-side doctor between the second and third rounds after Alves' face had taken a lot of punishment.

Both fighters are known for their aggressive approach and they didn't let up in an exciting opening round that suggested that a top quality fight was in the making.

However, the fight turned in Condit's favour when he caught Alves with a left hand which dropped the Brazilian to the floor. Condit mounted Alves on the mat and followed up with a string of punches and elbows which left Alves with a blood-stricken face.

To his credit, Alves did not give up and got back to his feet, even managing to land a few jabs, but it was all but one-way traffic.

Condit got in a big right hand and executed some elbow strikes before landing a hard takedown late on, searching for a choke before the end of the round. Again Alves resisted, firing back at Condit before the safety of the bell.

That would be the end of the action though, with the doctor examining Alves between the second and what would have been the third rounds and deciding that the fight needed to be stopped.