Mayweather and Nate Diaz joke about McGregor together

Floyd Mayweather recently called up Nate Diaz to bond over their shared nemesis Conor McGregor.

Mayweather has spent the last few days epically trolling the Irish UFC fighter, and it doesn’t look like he’s had enough just yet.

The retired champ called up the only man to beat McGregor in the Octagon, Nate Diaz, and posted the conversation to Instagram.

The duo seem to greatly enjoy taking the mickey out of McGregor together:

“Hey, Nate, tell me what I gotta do,” Mayweather said in the video. “Do I gotta? That boy is … aw, man. I see what you did to him, now. I’m gonna put the finishing touches on him.”

Rumours have been swirling of a possible cross-code superfight between the two champions, though nothing concrete has come out of yet.

At this point in the saga, Mayweather just seems to be enjoying getting his punches in verbally, while McGregor has not yet responded to any of his latest jibes.

It’s surely only a matter of time before he does, though. The Irishman has previously said he wants $100 million to step into the ring with “Money” Mayweather, and let’s be honest, he’d probably be able to get it if the two did ever actually decide to face one another.