White: I have no idea what Conor is doing

UFC president Dana White says that he has no idea why UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor acquired his California state boxing license on Wednesday.

There has been speculation in the media for some time now that McGregor could face the currently retired Floyd Mayweather (49-0) in a boxing super fight after the two superstars traded verbal barbs including social media posts over a possible bout.

But Mayweather has since shot down the speculation saying that he is happily retired. 

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, White said that it was unlikely a bout would happen between the two as McGregor was still contracted to the UFC. 

"I have no idea what Conor is doing," White told Yahoo Sports. "Conor's Conor. He does his thing. But he's under contract to me. 

"Who knows with this guy? I just let Conor be Conor. And the other thing is, it's fun to talk about this (Mayweather) fight and what might happen, but what commission would let that fight happen? Really, think about that."

What could be behind McGregor's logic for getting his boxing license is to use it as a negotiating tactic in his attempts to get a part-ownership of the UFC?