Alvarez: I did everything to lose against McGregor

Defeated Eddie Alvarez can understand why UFC fans have questioned whether he ‘threw the fight’ against Conor McGregor.

By his own admission, Alvarez choked on the grand stage of UFC 205 last weekend after he was picked off by a stunning four-punch combination in the second round to suffer only the second knock-out of his career.

The American lost his lightweight belt to now two-division champion McGregor, but has also seen his integrity questioned on social media.

However, Alvarez has held his hands up by admitting his performance was so poor that he can understand the criticism.

"I've been getting on my [social media] and I'm getting that I threw the fight," Alvarez told the Chael Sonnen podcast.

"People are like ‘you threw the fight, you threw the fight.'

“I literally can understand the people's frustrations with me and them telling me that.

“When I watch the fight personally myself, I'm like, I did everything to lose this fight. I did everything. I couldn't have done worse for myself.

“I don't know if it was because I got buzzed in the beginning of the fight. I can't really put my finger on it. I fumbled 10 times and you can't win the game fumbling."