More trash talking after UFC 205 press conference

After their entertaining spat at the UFC 205 presser, Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez continued their trash talking in a side-by-side TV interview.

UFC lightweight champion Alvarez will defend his title against challenger McGregor in New York this weekend, and there’s clearly no love lost between these two fighters.

Then again, they also know they have to put on a bit of a show.

In an interview on ESPN in America, the duo resumed their verbal battle – with some amusing results.

Asked by Alvarez why he was late to the press conference, McGregor said, “I was in Gucci picking up this mink,” adding, “It was worth more than Eddie’s show money.”

Alvarez decided to take a few shots at the coat, because really, who wouldn’t.

“Yeah, it’s funny, I seen the tags coming from it. I think he rented it, so you got found out, man. The tags were still hanging from your mink. Either buy it or don’t buy it, man, come on,” he said.

“I bought it all cash. All cash,” said McGregor.

“Then take the tags off, Conor. Take the tags off, my man. I think he stole it! I think he stole it!”

The discussion did get a bit more serious afterwards, with Alvarez explaining why he thinks McGregor is his easiest match-up:

“He’s the easiest match-up because everyone else in his division is good at everything. This guy has holes. He has voids. He has cardio issues. There’s a number of things that this guy has holes in. He was stylistically matched up well where no one could exploit them holes. No one could exploit it. I’m the guy. I’m the guy, and you will see.”

Obviously, McGregor wasn’t about to let that stand.

“C’mon, Eddie. You’ve been over in Japan or some [expletive]. You’ve been fighting bums all your life. You’ve never been on this stage. You’ve never been against a guy like me. You’re an absolute bum. You’re trying to talk about a decorated career — you’re a [expletive]. You’re an absolute bum. You get dropped every fight. Look at your face! You’re the most beat up guy there is.”