White: Jon Jones too much of a risk right now

Dana White says that when Jon Jones returns to the UFC in July 2017 he will not be allowed to headline another UFC card.

The UFC president says it would be too big of a risk to allow the light heavyweight champion to occupy such a prominent position, after he has failed to stay out of trouble on too many occasions.

Jones has twice had to be pulled from main events in the past two years – once due to being involved in a hit-and-run accident and again after testing positive for a banned substance.

"I would never take the risk of headlining a show with Jon Jones again," White told Jim Rome on Thursday. "I'd put him on the card, but I wouldn't headline with him until he can consistently get back on track.

"Millions of dollars are spent on this and for a card to fall apart. How many cards have fallen apart because Jon Jones gets in trouble for something? So no, I am not at that place with him."


White said it was sad that such a great talent was being wasted.

Asked if Jones has squandered his talent more than any other fighter in history, White said: "I've had my issues in the past with B.J. (Penn), I think B.J. could have been one of the best ever and I've had my issues with B.J. but Jon Jones is by far."

Also of concern was that Jones has been away from the Octagon for so long, there's no telling if he'd be the same fighter anymore when he returned.

"The unfortunate part is time off is nobody's friend in this sport," White said. "You have to stay active. You have to stay busy. I don't know what the reason is that this sport is like that. The more guys fight, your timing is always on, you get better and time off is never anybody's friend in the fight game."