Hearn: McGregor wouldn’t make it in boxing

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn believes as talented as Conor McGregor is in the octagon, that would not translate to the boxing ring.

The Matchroom boss said that McGregor, who comes from a boxing background, would be up against it if he swapped sporting codes.

“Conor McGregor would have no chance of making it as a boxer at this point,” Hearn told RTE.

“I have heard suggestions that McGregor wants to move into boxing, but he would be little more than an amateur, even if he shows some decent boxing skills in UFC.

“He would be an amateur if he went into boxing and would have no chance of challenging for major titles, even at a domestic level for a long time.

“MMA and boxing are totally different sports, but the fact that we are even talking about McGregor moving into boxing confirms this is a story people are interested in.”

Nonetheless, Hearn admitted that he was a fan of the Irishman and referred to him as a ‘promoter’s dream’’

“I’m a big admirer of McGregor and there is no doubt that he is one of the best exponents of MMA in the world right now,” he added.

“He’s also brilliant at hyping himself and people are just as excited to see what happens in a McGregor press conference as they are when he fights. The guy is entertaining and he deserves all the success coming his way. He is very, very clever and a promoter’s dream.”