Bisping challenges Nick Diaz to fight at UFC 206

Having gotten nowhere with Georges St-Pierre, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has now called out Nick Diaz.

Bisping seems very eager to get on the UFC 206 card, and after his chosen opponent St-Pierre failed to come to terms with the UFC on a new contract, the Englishman has now set his sights on Diaz.

The potential of fighting again soon appears to have gotten Bisping fired up, and he's not ready to hang up his gloves for the year just yet.

"If it's not going to be GSP, I don't mind being on the card against somebody else and Nick Diaz would be somebody else that moves the needle," Bisping said on Sirius XM radio. "Now, I know I'm going to open myself up to criticism by saying that but there's been talk of us having a fight before.

"His last fight was against Anderson Silva, so he's fought at 185 and if Nick Diaz wants to do it, I'll fight Nick Diaz."

Nick Diaz Silva

And while Diaz remains his first choice, he's willing to face whoever the UFC puts in front of him, providing it makes good business sense.

"If anybody wants to do it, I'll do it. As long as it's not some new pup that just signed with the UFC, I'm down to fight. I'll fight anyone," Bisping said. "I'll say it again and I'm not trying to sound like a tough ass but I'll fight anybody as long as it makes sense business wise. I'm not going to risk my reputation and my title against some chump, but if there's a lot of money on the line, then I'll do it. If Nick Diaz wants to go at UFC 206, formally, officially, I invite you to sign the bout agreement, let's do it.

"Then after that, whoever wins more impressively these top four middleweights, you know who we're talking about — (Luke) Rockhold, (Chris) Weidman, Yoel (Romero) and (Jacare) Souza — I'll fight whoever that is after this. That will happen 100-percent. Believe you me, I want to fight Chris Weidman. Out of the four of them, I've already beat Rockhold, Weidman is the one that I want to fight. I ain't ducking anyone."