Bisping: Henderson should accept defeat

Michael Bisping has fought back in a war of words with defeated foe Dan Henderson after telling the American fighter to accept his loss.

Henderson went public this week over his continued frustration at the judges decision which saw him suffer defeat at the hands of UFC middleweight champion Bisping earlier this month.

The 46-year-old even admitted he would consider coming out of retirement to face Bisping for a third time after the pair first locked horns seven years ago.

But in a blog responding to Henderson’s comments, Bisping says the veteran American should respect the outcome of the fight.

“Anybody that thinks Dan won that fight… quite frankly, you guys are crazy,” said Bisping.

“Of course, Dan is going to say that because it was in England, the judges were partial to me. They were the same judges that score many, many UFC events. It’s not like they rounded up three blokes from Manchester just for this fight.

“There’s a thing called an airplane, and those judges were flown out to score that bout.

“Dan can try to come up with whatever excuses he wants to discredit my win, the fact of the matter is, he should be gracious in defeat. I won, fair and square.

“He put on a great performance, I won’t deny it. Well done to you, Dan, but guess what? It just wasn’t enough. They got it right on the #scorecard.”