McGregor on two titles: Let me enjoy it for a while

Conor McGregor has responded to Dana White's insistence that he give up one of his titles if he becomes a two-division champion.

UFC President White has stated on several occasions that McGregor – who currently holds the flyweight title – will not be allowed to tie up two divisions if he beats lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November.

At first, the Irishman said it would take an army to take one of his belts away from him, but he now appears resigned to the fact that White is going to get his way.

Before he gives up one of his belts, however, McGregor would like to be allowed to enjoy being a two-division champion – even if it's only for a little while.

Conor McGregor

"Let me see the pictures on publications with a belt on each shoulder first," he told Sports Illustrated. "Let me go onto the side of that Octagon and raise two world titles, what's never been done before, before talking about stripping me. Let me get the (expletive) things, let me do it.

"I'll always listen to the correct business move and I'll always do what is the correct move, but let me do it and let me go back and look at some pictures of me with two belts and let me embrace it for half-a-day."

McGregor also said the media was helping to fuel the issue by constantly quizzing White and himself about it.

"It's the media that's making this," McGregor said. "Let me look at the historic images we're going to get on this night, me with these two belts. That's what everyone should be excited about, this is history."

And if he does become the lightweight champion as well, don't expect McGregor to rest on his laurels.

"We keep breaking them. We keep seeking more," McGregor said. "They tell me 'you'll never do this, you'll never win world titles.’ I've done it consecutively. We keep pushing the envelope, keep going. I conquer one and then I'm onto the next.

"I work and I hustle like I'm not in the position I'm in. I'm set. I could literally just put my feet up but I hustle like I'm not in that position. I work like I'm not in that position."