Pena threatens to quit UFC over Rousey return

Julianna Pena has threatened to quit UFC after the returning Ronda Rousey was handed a title shot.

After more than a year out of the ring, Rousey’s comeback has been confirmed, with the 29-year-old facing reigning bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, in Las Vegas, on December 30.

However, Pena – currently ranked fifth in the division after a four-fight winning streak – has been vocal in her desire for a title shot and is furious that Rousey has an opportunity instead.

“Never in the history have I ever heard of somebody have a no-controversy brutal knockout, then quit the sport, and then comeback and get a title shot right away,” Pena told MMA Fighting.

“She’s literally the worst fighter on the roster, and I can’t stomach the fact that I’m not getting the title shot.

“Maybe I’ll go fight for Combate [Americas] or something because it sounds like they want to pay me serious money and actually give me a belt right off the bat just like they did with Ronda in the UFC.

“They just handed Ronda a belt and Combate will hand me a belt, so I don’t know, we’ll see how that goes.”