Henderson believes he did enough to beat Bisping

Dan Henderson feels he should have got the unanimous decision in his fight against Michael Bisping.

UFC middleweight champion Bisping took the decision over Henderson on scores of 48-47, 48-47, 49-46 Manchester, England on Saturday.

Henderson, 46, was taking part in his last fight and the MMA legend goes away disappointed he couldn’t get the judges to score in his favour.

“I left it all in there and I felt like I needed everything to do to win that fight,” Henderson said after the bout “It just, unfortunately, everyone didn’t see it that way.”

Henderson felt the scores were tied going into the fifth round and thinks he did enough to win after landing some “decent shots”.

“The first round I mean, it was almost finished, real close, I thought that it was obviously a 10-8 round, but you never know,” Henderson said. “But I probably won the first two rounds, he won the third and fourth, and I wanted to make sure I went out and won the fifth. I got the takedown, landed some decent shots on him, honestly I didn’t feel hurt once in the whole fight from anything, with the exception of one leg kick that hurt my thigh a little.”

Bisping was whisked away to hospital after the fight, while Henderson was showing little signs of damage after the bout.

“Obviously by looking at him, he felt some of the shots that I hit him with,” Henderson said. “So obviously I’m a little frustrated, I’ll have to go home and watch it again and be a little more educated on talking to you about it. But those are the thoughts going through my head during the fight, I didn’t want to end up with the draw, I wanted to win the fight.”