CM Punk returns to training after UFC 203 loss

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has confirmed CM Punk is back in training after his first-round defeat to Mickey Gall.

Punk’s highly-anticipated MMA debut did not last long, as Gall took the former WWE star to the canvas and forced a submission after only 2:14minutes.

However, the defeat does not appeared to have deterred Punk, according to gym-mate Woodley.

Speaking to the MMA Hour, he said: “For sure, he was in the gym the other day.

“I was there. I saw his car outside, and I came in, I was going to say what’s up to him. And then I guess he was in the shower when I was changing, so I missed him, but yeah he’s back in the gym training.”

Woodley did not specifically help train Punk, but was privy to his preparation for the clash with Gall.

And the 34-year-old, who will defend his welterweight title against Stephen Thompson at Madison Square Garden on November 12, admits he was surprised by Gall’s game-plan.

“If you were fighting Punk you would assume that, him getting into this sport, his striking would be the last thing he caught up on,” he said.

“So we expected the guy to [try to] out-strike him, so we were going to try and bum-rush him and…I’m not going to tell the whole game plan, we might have to use it again.

“But in general we tried to close the gap quickly and get hands on him, and the take down just surprised me and everybody else.

“We all knew there was a chance he could potentially lose, but I would have liked him to just show a little something, because he has worked so damn hard.”

And when asked whether he would like to see Punk return to the Octagon, Punk replied: “For sure. I want to see him fight the dude that Belal Muhammad just fight, the dude with the red mohawk [Augusto Montano].

“I think he’s a dude from a TUF show, a TUF show guy. I think Mickey Gall was pretty good. That was a big cup of coffee for [Punk].”