Koch: We’ll see CM Punk again

CM Punk, formally known as Phil Brooks, had a UFC debut to forget after he lasted just over two minutes in the octagon with Mickey Gall before he was submitted however his teammate, Erik Koch, believes that the former WWE star will return to the octagon.

Brooks, who is 37-years-of-age, was credited with just one significant strike attempt – a failed right cross.

He went for Gall right at the start of the fight and was immediately taken down, hit a few times and then submitted.

While Brooks received an odd blend of criticism and praise from UFC fans and competitors alike, the general consensus in the aftermath of his debut for the company was that he would not return.

However, his teammate at Milwaukee's Roufusport and UFC lightweight, Erik Koch, spoke to Brooks after the scrap and said that he has every intention of fighting again.

"To the people who say they didn't really see anything spectacular out of 18 months of training, that 18 months is not what you think it is," Koch said of Brooks.

"Really, in this time frame, it's nothing. I started training combat sports when I was four years old and I've never really stopped.

"It takes a lot of time. And Punk being older, going in and training for 18 months, you're going to get better and he's going to get better, but he's going up against a kid who's been training since he was 14.

"Odds are stacked up against him. I wouldn't look at is as, 'Punk looked bad.' He went up against a very good opponent.

"Lots of fighters, when they lose, they say the same thing, 'back to the drawing board.'

"Punk got beat quick. There are a lot of people thinking, 'Oh man, he ain't doing that again.' I actually got the opposite when I talked to him. It was kind of like, 'I'm not going out like that,' and that's just awesome.

"He's got so many people hating, so many haters dogging on him, and he doesn't give a crap. He's gonna come back and do it again."