Aldo decision expected on Tuesday

UFC featherweight champion Aldo suffered an injury to his ribs last week during sparring, although contradictory statements on his condition have been made public.

According to Aldo's training partner Jonas Bilharinho, Aldo wasn't even able to walk after sustaining the blow, which substantiates the diagnosis of Brazilian doctors, which suggested a fracture.

American doctors, though, diagnosed the injury as a bruise only and the Nevada Athletic Commission remain confident that Aldo's title defense against Conor McGregor will go ahead.

"He was walking slowly to not feel the pain on the ribs. It's disturbing. You can't punch, you can't move, you can't breathe, but the pain was still fresh. I don't know right now. It's probably better. If the pain got worse, he will probably don't fight. But I think the fight is going to happen. I don't think it will get any worse," Bilharino told the MMA Hour.

"It's a little bit painful, but there are some kinds of pain that we can hold during fights and there are some kinds of pain that we can't hold. I hope that it's one of the ones that we can hold. We will test him on Tuesday. Tuesday is the big day.

"I think he will probably fight. And I hope so. I will be with him on Tuesday to see what he's capable of doing during training or not, but my opinion right now is that he's going to fight. I'm going to be optimistic about it because Aldo wants this fight so bad. I think this fight will probably happen.

"He's very strong mentally. Once he decides to fight, the pain won't be a problem. I know he can beat Conor. He totally can beat Conor."