McGregor: I will KO Aldo in four minutes

Some of his most famous predictions include beating Dustin Poirier and Diego Brandao in the first round, which he did against both of them. 

But, McGregor has made his most boldest prediction to date as he believes that he will be able to knock out UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo within four minutes during their title fight at UFC 189 in Las Vegas on July 11. 

However, the Irishman may be forced to postpone his prediction as Aldo will reportedly decide whether he is fit enough to face McGregor at UFC 189 on Friday as he is nursing a rib injury.

"I always make accurate predictions," McGregor told ESPN's SportsCenter. "I have predicted many contests. I have my entire career. I predict the future. For me, I have already predicted this contest. At four minutes of the first round he will be KO’ed. I feel that the power matched with the precision, he will not be able to take it. Four minutes he will be done."

When asked why he is so confident of knocking out Aldo within four minutes, McGregor pointed out that he cannot afford to show any signs of weakness as it will come back to haunt him. 

"I’m in a business where you must be confident," he said. "If you have any doubts they will come back and play against you. So I am supremely confident as well as I am confident in my work ethic. My approach to the game, my non-stop effort to get better as a martial artist. I don’t feel that anyone else in the game is doing what I’m doing and moving the way I am moving.

"It just comes from years and years of practice on the mat. I have had many fights inside the octagon, outside the octagon, in rings, on mats. I am an experienced veteran in the fight game. Through that and through a believe team and my ability I have just gained a bulletproof confidence that I cannot be stopped."