Cormier: Jones should be stripped of interim title

Daniel Cormier has taken another shot at Jon Jones, saying that he should be stripped of his interim light heavyweight title as he tested positive for banned substances. 

Jones was supposed to face reigning light heavyweight champion Cormier in a title unification bout in the main event at UFC 200 in July, but he was pulled from the card just days from the event after he tested positive for clomiphene, a banned estrogen blocker, and traces of letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor.

Jones has been temporarily suspended and is still waiting to hear his punishment for having two banned substances in his system, but Cormier believes the 29-year-old shouldn’t be holding on to the interim light heavyweight title.

“Now one thing I completely disagree with, completely — and I don’t care who hears it — why in the hell would Jon still be the interim champion?” Cormier said when speaking to Brian Stann on Tuesday. “That makes no sense. That makes absolutely no sense.”

Cormier believes that Anthony Johnson should be next in line for a title shot, but UFC president Dana White seems intent on having Johnson face Jones in a fight for the interim title. Not surprisingly, Cormier isn’t a fan of this potential fixture.

“I hope to God Dana misspoke, because that makes absolutely no sense. They aren’t fighting for some interim title if they fight,” Cormier said. “They can fight in the main event because it’s a big fight but it’s a fun fight. If they fight, they fight to determine the No. 1 contender it’s not some interim championship fight. That makes no sense at all.

“You’d have an interim champion defending the interim championship while the actual champion is actually still there? That makes no sense whatsoever.

“They should not be fighting for an interim championship. That makes no sense at all. I don’t even know why he would still be the interim champion. His ass was disqualified. Take that freaking belt off of him. That’s stupid.”