Aldo: I’m friendly with McGregor

Jose Aldo has revealed that his relationship with Conor McGregor is "friendly" despite assumptions to the contrary.

McGregor defeated Aldo in just 13 seconds in their featherweight title bout at UFC 194 in December last year after a huge build-up in which the pair seemed at odds with each other.

Despite the perception many fans and pundits hold that the two featherweights share a dislike of each other, Aldo says it couldn't be further from the truth.

“It’s a friendly relationship. I don’t have a problem with him trying to promote himself,” said Aldo speaking on Brazilian TV show Revista Combate

“If we take a look at it money-wise, it was pretty good. I think there should be more fighters like him at featherweight. I’m not his friend, though. He can go his way and I can go mine.”

Aldo admits that the Irishman can occasionally wind him up the wrong way but reckons McGregor is a completely different character away from the cameras and publicity.

“I’ve seen him staring at a wall, looking at nothing with everyone around him trying to taunt him and he would just stand there, gazing,” revealed Aldo.

“He’s a regular, mellow guy, but if he sees a camera or some Irish people, he transforms in a such way that makes you say to yourself ‘son of a b***h'”.

“One day we were hanging out and he said he was going to get the coffee and I said I wanted mine with sugar and he said something like ‘nice.’

"Most of the times we met, there was always someone recording us, though, so he had to keep his persona up. With no cameras, he changes completely.”