Rousey wants to destroy Correia

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During her latest appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Rousey said that she does not fear the undefeated Brazilian Correia.

"The thing is I just want to beat her in the most devastatingly embarrassing way possible," Rousey said. 

Rousey is not to fazed about fighting Correia in her own backyard as in the past she has been supported when in Brazil by the fans. 

"I'm not afraid to let go of the hometown advantage. She's much more than a hometown advantage away from beating me," she said.

Rousey added: "I love the Brazilian crowd. They booed me out of stadiums, they've chanted, 'You're going to die' to me in Portuguese, but they've also been the only crowd to cheer for me. Because the semi-finals of the World Championships (of Judo) in 2007, I was fighting a girl that was a defending world champion, she was like 7-feet tall; I looked like a hobbit next to her.

"She dislocated my arm and I popped it back into place, and I was behind and there's 20 seconds left and I threw her with the one arm that I popped back in at the last second. Everyone exploded cheering because it didn't matter that I wasn't Brazilian or anything like that. It mattered that they saw something great and I love that crowd," she said.

The champion added that she wants to draw the fight out and punish Correia in front of her home fans.

"If I make the fight fast, that means I like you," Rousey said. "That's me at my most merciful. With this next chick that I don't like, it's not going to be like that.

"She's going to look different walking out than she did walking in."