Diaz: Injuries messed up my strategy

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Nate Diaz says injuries played a part in his UFC 202 loss to Conor McGregor but admits it is “no excuse.”

The American went the distance with McGregor but the Irishman won the bout on the judge’s scorecards in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Diaz earned a submission victory against McGregor in their first meeting five months ago and thinks his training camp injuries hampered his preparation for the fight.

“I was injured coming into this fight,” Diaz said.

“That’s no excuse. I got the whole thing on tape. I hurt my knee about a month ago and I wasn’t able to train ju-jitsu for the last month.

“About two weeks after that, I was sparring in boxing and really hurt my rib. I got hit in the body and that put me out of sparring about two, two-and-a-half weeks ago.”

Despite McGregor controlling the majority of the opening two rounds, Diaz came back into the bout at the end of the second and managed to carry his momentum into the remaining rounds.

Diaz says pulling out of the fight was never an option but reckons the injuries did hamper his game-plan.

“They really messed up my strategy going in on some things I wanted to do and get done,” Diaz added.

“It took away from my whole game plan, and made it like, ‘Okay, let’s go do this fight.’ I think I was worse off in this fight than the first fight, but that’s the name of the game.

“You ain’t pulling me out of no fight. I’m out here two weeks ago. I can’t train. I can’t be touched by my friends. I can’t do nothing.

“I should get hit in the body and fall down, but there’s no way I’m pulling out of this fight. I ain’t like these other guys. I ain’t like Jose Aldo. It’s not just him. Everybody’s pulling out of fights for everything.

“You ain’t pulling me out of no fights. If you go to war, if the U.S. can’t go to war, the U.S. loses, so I’m going to show up. I’m going to make it happen. That’s what went down.”