McGregor still haunted by Carvalho’s death

Fox in the box – Nenad Krsticic

As Conor McGregor's rematch with Nate Diaz draws closer, the Irishman has told of how the memories of the night Joao Carvalho died still linger in his mind.

In April of this year McGregor was just a feet away from the octagon as he coached and cheered his teammate Charlie Ward to a brutal third-round TKO victory over Carvalho in Ireland.

Soon after the bout, Carvalho was rushed to hospital. He died from his injuries two days later.

Immediately after his passing was confirmed, McGregor posted a long message on Facebook addressing the incident, while paying tribute to Carvalho.

Several months later, McGregor is still clearly deeply disturbed by what happened that night.

"How do I feel?" McGregor told Men's Health UK.  

"How would you feel?

"It's f****d up. I wasn't just watching that fight. I helped train a guy to kill someone, and then someone wound up dying.

"I still can't believe that kid is dead."

McGregor meets with Diaz at UFC 202 on the 20th of August and he insists that while Carvalho's passing has saddened him, it will not affect his performance in the octagon. In fact, it seems it will have the reverse impact.

"This is a f*****g dangerous game," McGregor continued.

"People call it a sport, but it's fighting. I'm just making sure it ain't me. And that's f****d up."