Watch Anthony Hamilton obliterate his opponent in just 14 seconds at UFC 201

Anthony Hamilton walked into the Octagon at UFC 201 as a winner of two of his last four and walked out 14 seconds later with his second UFC knockout victory over heavyweight Damian Grabowski.

Grabowski got the action started with a big right hook that hit nothing but air. Hamilton took advantage of Grabowski’s aggression by countering with a flurry of punches that sent his opponent reeling backwards.

Hamilton continued to assault Grabowski as he looked for shelter against the fence, but the blows were too powerful and too accurate and referee George Allen had seen enough with 4:46 still showing on the clock.

The win was good for the second-fasted knockout in UFC heavyweight history and will likely go down as Hamilton’s best UFC performance to date.

“This is amazing to hear that was the second fastest knockout in heavyweight history, I can’t even believe it,” Hamilton said. “I knew I needed to get better with my striking. I have a great boxing coach in Seattle, Robert Morrison. I have great coaches and training partners at Jackson’s down in Albuquerque and that’s a recipe for success. I miss my family, I can’t wait to get home and see them.”

Hamilton improves to 15-5 with the win.