Rousey vows to beat Correia and Tate

Rousey will defend her title against Correia, who is currently unbeaten after nine fights, at UFC 190 in Brazil on Saturday. 

Should she beat Correia, Rousey will face Tate for a third time after Tate defeated Jessica Eye via unanimous decision at UFC on Fox 16 last Saturday to earn a shot at the title,

However, Rousey is not worried about Correia or Tate as she believes neither fighter poses much of a threat to ending her 11-0 record and dethroning her as the women's bantamweight champion. 

"Here's pretty much the plan," Rousey told Fox Sports. "I'm going to beat up Bethe, then I'm going to take a couple of weeks to rest, and then I'm going to go beat up Miesha, and then I'm going to go to like Thailand or wherever we decide to film ("Mile 22",) and prep for like a month, and then start filming for like eight to 10 weeks, and then go beat up the next chick."

Rousey did not have much more to say about her fight against Correia, but she did have a lot to say about Tate as they have met twice in the past, with Rousey emerging victorious via an armbar submission on both occasions. 

If Rousey clears the first hurdle of Correia on Saturday, her fight against Tate is highly likely to be held later this year. But, Rousey believes that if she beats Tate for a third time, then the 28-year-old should not be given a fourth opportunity to avenge her losses. 

"I need these other girls. It's not like I could do this by myself. I need a dancing partner," Rousey said. "The analogy I use a lot is these girls are like plants – sometimes you can grow a crop and harvest it year after year like Miesha and sometimes you harvest it once and it will never grow back, like I don't think Bethe will ever come back after this.

"I think this might be the final season I can harvest the Tate crop."