Hunt now wants Lesnar’s entire fight purse

Mark Hunt certainly isn’t taking Brock Lesnar’s failed drugs test lying down. The ‘Super Samoan’ is so angered by Lesnar’s potential doping violation that he has now demanded to be paid the US $2.5 million Lesnar received for beating him at UFC 200.

Lesnar came out of retirement for a one-off fight against Hunt on July 9 and went on to win the fight via unanimous decision.

However, following the bout Lesnar was informed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) of a potential anti-doping violation in relation to an out-of-competition test on June 28.

Since the announcement, Hunt has been highly critical of Lesnar and said he felt that he deserved half of his winnings, while also going so far as to threaten to leave the UFC is no action was taken against Lesnar.

In the time that has passed, Hunt’s anger has not subsided one bit. In fact, it seems to be growing as he recently took to Twitter to voice frustrations and say that he should be given all of Lesnar’s fight purse.