Tate: Correia ‘got what was coming to her’

Miesha Tate believes Bethe Correia "got what was coming to her" in her first round loss to women’s bantamweight champion to Ronda Rousey last week.

The fight was schedule for five rounds but didn’t even last a minute as Correia was knocked out just 34 seconds after the opening bell.

Tate, who has lost to Rousey twice and considers the champion a fierce rival, said Correia overstepped a boundary when she said the champion could commit if she lost the belt.

Rousey believed the insult was a comment about her father, who committed suicide, but Correia subsequently denied this and apologised.

"If there was any time that I actually felt bad for Ronda and kind of sympathized with her, it was in this fight," Tate said on the MMA Hour.

"I really thought that Bethe overstepped some personal boundaries that she just shouldn’t. I mean, Ronda and I are probably never going to get along.

“We’re probably never going to be friends, but there’s a certain amount of respect that one another should have for each other, as fighters, if nothing more.

"No matter how much you dislike someone, there are personal lines you just don't cross. I think Bethe did that, and so I think she got what was coming to her."

Tate suffered her first loss to “Rowdy” in March 2012, when she surrendered the Strikeforce title, after being submitted by Rousey’s now-famous armbar late in round one.

Her second loss came in December 2013, after the UFC had absorbed Strikeforce, when she was trapped in an armbar again 58 seconds into round three.

She will face Rousey for a third time in the coming months, but the date and details of the card are yet to be named.