Lesnar makes winning return to UFC

Brock Lesnar marked his return to the Octagon with a unanimous decision victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

It may not have been the main event officially, but with Jones vs Cormier falling off the cards, this was undoubtedly the ones the fans came to see.

Lesnar remains an MMA legend despite not having fought in the discipline since 2011. For many years there have been rumours that the former heavyweight champion would return to the Octagon, and now, more than four-and-a-half years after the WWE star lost to Alistair Overeem, he’s back.

For Hunt to be the man to face Lesnar on such a big stage completed an incredible turnaround who was struck a record-breaking 361 times by Stipe Miocic in May last year. Since then the New Zealander has downed Antônio Silva and, quite impressively, Frank Mir as a change of attitude and a return to fighting shape saw him return to the fore.

Lesner didn’t look like a man that hadn’t been in the Octagon in years and took control of the fight early, pinning Hunt against the cage and inflicting blow after blow before slamming Hunt to the ground and mounting him with 20 seconds to go. Lesnar was back, and Hunt knew all about it in the first round, with the ‘Super Samonan’ struggling to make an impact.

Lesnar was fast out the blocks in the second, but began to tire as Hunt controlled the fight from the inside of the ring. However, the second round would prove to be something of a non-event, with neither fighter able to make their mark.

Lesnar scored his fourth takedown of the fight in the third round and threw some left hands in from the mount, but Hunt was able to roll free. It wasn’t long before Lesnar was back on top though, battering Hunt as the fight grew to its close. But for all Lesnar thew at Hunt, the Super Samoan would not quit.

It was an exhausted Lesnar who won it on the cards, 29-17 from all three judges.