Johnson disputes Dariush result

Michael Johnson believes he should have been declared the winner of his lightweight bout against Beneil Dariush on Saturday.

Dariush took the victory via split decision; much to the dismay of the crown at UFC Fight Night 73 in Tennessee and Johnson himself.

Johnson attempted to storm out of the cage when the result was announced, and later told MMAjunkie that he couldn’t understand the decision.

“I’m a little cooler now. It’s frustration; I apologize for the way I reacted. I set out to get the job done and get a title shot, and this kind of stops that. So I’ve just got to get back in there,” he said.

“I thought I had it won, but at the same time, it was up and down. I definitely thought I pushed the pace more the whole fight, and I stuffed every one of his takedowns and I think landed more so I don’t see how they could have given him the win.

“I’m not taking anything away from him; he fought a good fight. But at the same time, I controlled the whole fight. That’s why you don’t leave anything to the judges.”

The loss snaps a four fight win streak for Johnson, who went into the match in fifth place on the lightweight rankings, and damages his claim for a shot at current champion Rafael dos Anjos.