McDonald: I knew what year it was

Rory MacDonald claims that he did in fact know what year it was when asked in the immediate aftermath of his knockout loss to Robbie Lawler in their welterweight title fight at UFC 189.

MacDonald slumped to the octagon floor after a straight left from Lawler connected with his face, causing the referee to call time on the bout and the fight doctor to rush to his side.

Dana White, UFC president, stated at the post event press conference that MacDonald did not know what year it was when asked by the doctor. However, the Canadian says he was just in no mood to answer any questions at the time.

"I knew what year it was. I knew everything that was going on. She was just asking me so many damn questions,” he said in an interview on the MMA Hour.

“And I was like just trying to get air and spit out all the blood that was in my throat, so I was just annoyed so I stopped answering her questions."

"I was not in the mood to talk to the doctor, then. I was in my own little world. It's their job to check on you, that you're fine, I'm not going to question the doctor, that's their job."

Doctors often ask fighters simple questions such as what year it is to gauge their condition after a knockout.

MacDonald was hospitalised after the fight after suffering severe swelling, bruising and lacerations to his face as well as a badly broken nose.