McGregor: UFC Media obligations still an issue

Recent quotes from Conor McGregor suggests not everything has been resolved between himself and the UFC following their public falling out.

Back in April, McGregor’s refusal to go on a media tour resulted in him being pulled from the UFC 200 card.

While he is back on the roster for UFC 202, the featherweight champion says he is still battling the UFC over the amount of press obligations he needs to honour.

“We’re still back and forth with media obligations,” McGregor said. “It’s going on right to this second. It’s never-ending. They want to pull you left and right.”

As McGregor was preparing for his UFC 200 rematch with Nate Diaz, the UFC wanted him to fly to Las Vegas for a press conference and photo shoot, followed by a two-city media tour in California and New York.

The Irishman refused to honour all of those commitments, threatening to retire if he wasn’t allowed to stay in Iceland where he was training for a longer period of time, but the UFC called his bluff and pulled him from the card.

“I think some people don’t understand how taxing that is, especially coming after a loss like that where I really truly need to look out for me and get myself right and come out the way I need to feel,” McGregor said. “I can’t fatigue like that and live with myself after that. Seeing the way the last fight happened, I can’t live with it. I need to isolate myself and just get my work in and come back and get my revenge. And that’s what I’m doing.”

McGregor admitted that the tweet he sent out appearing to announce his retirement during the spat caused him more trouble than it was worth.

“When you see it going all over the place, I’m like, ‘Oh s***,'” McGregor said. “Now it’s hit the fan. It was a semi-joke in it. It was kind of a negotiating tactic, going back and forth with the UFC. And then it’s on CNN.”