Johnson: You can’t make everyone happy

Demetrious Johnson is unfazed about the criticism he receives from fans about his fighting style.

The American's technique in the octagon, described as 'boring' by some fans, has certainly proved fruitful on paper. The UFC flyweight champion has amassed 22 wins out of 25 fights, but even then, he admits you can't please everyone. 

"You can't make everybody in the world happy," the 29-year-old told 

"People make comments about me being honest and speaking my mind and some people are like, 'I wish he would just shut the hell up.' There's a person where you can make them a cup of tea and they're going to like it or they're not.

"Once you start trying to make everyone in the world happy and make the fans happy then you're going to lose sight of what’s more important and that's being the best mixed martial artist in the world."

Johnson added that the fans that criticise him don't know enough about tactics in the octagon.

"It's only the fans and uneducated fools out there that say, 'Oh, you’re boring,'" added the Kentucky-born fighter.

"You can say so, but you just don't understand what I'm doing. There's a process going on with the technique I bring to the table.

"I try not to think about that stuff because it's only going to go so far. When you start thinking about that stuff then you don't give great performances. I'm in the history book for the latest submission in UFC history. I'm more focused on that…going out and performing and being a well-rounded fighter."

'Mighty Mouse' is set to defend his UFC Flyweight Championship belt against John Dodson at UFC 191 on September 5.