Weidman set to undergo neck surgery

Chris Weidman has revealed that he is likely to undergo neck surgery “in the next week or two”.

Weidman suffered the neck injury in the lead-up to his middleweight title rematch with Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 on Saturday and was subsequently forced to pull out of the event, with Michael Bisping taking his place.

With the former middleweight champion having a herniated disc in his back, he admitted that he has been feeling pain in his triceps and forearms.

In order to correct the issue, Weidman is likely to have an innovative, “low risk” surgery, which will be conducted by a doctor in Pittsburgh.

“It’s going to be sooner rather than later. The other thing I was running into is some doctors who were saying you’ve got to get this taken care of now, like ASAP, because the nerve is getting damaged every second of every day,” Weidman said on The MMA Hour.

“And then other doctors were like, you know, there’s a good chance if you just wait another couple of weeks it just goes away completely. I don’t know what to believe. But looks like I’m going to be getting surgery in the next week or two.”

Weidman added that he will be allowed to resume training almost immediately after going under the knife. Once he is fully fit, the 31-year-old is likely to go after Rockhold or Bisping, depending on which fighter is the middleweight champion after their bout on Saturday.

“Literally I can get back to training pretty much right away,” he said. “The only issue is I’ll have a scar. So they’ll clean it up, and I just have to wait for the scar to heal and that’s about it.

“I can go right to strength training and stuff like that right away. And I guess after four weeks I can go into full out everything.”