Update on UFC weight-cutting rules changed

The UFC have confirmed that a new approach to weight cutting will be adopted, starting at UFC 200.

Under the new rules, fights will have to start the week of their fights withing eight percent of their fight weight.

Flocombat’s Jeremy Botter has put together a diagram illustrating what that those figures would be across various weight classes.

The UFC have released the following statement on the matter:

“The UFC has introduced a system of data collection and athlete monitoring of weight and vital signs that will enable the organization to create a database to track and analyze information on each fighter.

“Fighters must be within eight percent of their official fight weight when they check-in at the beginning of fight week, which usually occurs on a Tuesday night. If fighters check-in more than eight percent overweight, they are subject to daily weight checks and vitals from the UFC and will be required to attend weight management counseling. Their scheduled fights will not be cancelled, however.”