Werdum: Miocic was too good

Fabricio Werdum has admitted that Stipe Miocic was the better fighter after he lost his heavyweight title at UFC 198 on Sunday.

Miocic needed just under three minutes to knock out Werdum in front of his home fans in Brazil, to be crowned the new heavyweight champion.

Werdum was disappointed to lose and have his six-fight winning streak snapped, and he has called for a rematch against Miocic at UFC 200 on July 9.

“Yeah, I think he beat me for sure, one hundred percent. You know heavyweight is so hard, one punch, that’s it, and the light is black, I saw,” he told reporters. “He knocked out me for sure, one hundred percent, I say congratulation for him, but I think the best way is the rematch, because I mean, I have a six victory straight. I think the best way is the rematch, for sure, one hundred percent.

“Soon, my athletic commission give me 30 days off, but after 30 days I’m waiting for maybe the UFC 200. Maybe. I think it’s very good to rematch there.”

Werdum also refused to make any excuses for his loss and reiterated that Miocic was too good for him.

“No, I’m one hundred percent, my body, I don’t have an injury,” he said. “Everything’s great. I think that just because he got it, he got it one punch, that’s it. Heavyweight is like this one.”