Holm not pushed to face Rousey

UFC bantamweight challenger Holly Holm says she was never pressurised or pushed into fighting champion Ronda Rousey on November 17 at UFC 193 in Melbourne.

Rousey (12-0 MMA, 6-0 UFC) was initially expected to be up against Miesha Tate but UFC President Dana White changed that saying the fight with Holm (9-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC)  was "the right fight to make" at this time.

The 135-pound title bout was meant to have taken place at UFC 195 on January 2, but the UFC changed upcoming bouts so Holmes and Rousey could fight in Melbourne on November 14 at the 70,000-seat Etihad Stadium.

Holm said she was taken off guard by the sudden change of plans but was never going to turn down a title shot at Rousey.

"First off, there was no hesitation because I feel like that's not a mental strength," Holm told MMAjunkie. "You have to be mentally strong to get in there. 

"When they called, it was like, ‘This is what's next. Awesome. 'If I would have felt like I should have said no, then when the next fight comes it would be, ‘Was I doubting myself before? Am I doubting myself now? 'That's just a not mentality I have in me, and I don't choose to feel that way at all."

Holm said that she felt she was destined to face Rousey at some stage but was surprised that the bout came to fruition so quickly.

"Did it come sooner than we would think? That's not a lie to say yeah, it came soon, but I'm really excited for it," Holm said. 

"There's so many girls in the division, but guess what: Even before I signed with the UFC it was like, ‘Hey, when are you going to fight Ronda Rousey?' Now we've got it scheduled and can really focus on it.

"There's been all these questions about it, but I've had all these other fighters in front of me. But I didn't want to focus on anything but the fight that's right in front of me. 

"Now I can really focus and dive into this training camp, and I'm really excited for it," she added.