Rousey rages at VanZant

Miesha Tate has told of how Paige VanZant confided in her after Ronda Rousey threw rage at the Strawweight for congratulating Holly Holm on her title victory at UFC 193.

The UFC is often a space where fighters publicly manufacture friction between each other to promote a bout. However, when there is animosity in a private context then you can be sure that the bitterness is real.

When Rousey found out VanZant had commended Holm for her surprise knock-out win at UFC 193, the defeated champion chased her down and let rip.

Tate gave a lengthy account of Rousey’s alleged confrontation on the Joe Rogan Experience.

“So Paige was also at that VIP party, and Paige and I have spoke, we’re friendly. Don’t know her that well. Anyway, she felt the need, she came up to me like ‘Miesha Miesha Miesha, I have to tell you this experience I had with Ronda’,” Tate told Rogan.

“I’m like ‘Oh, what?’ And she’s like ‘Well we were at a Reebok deal just recently, and we were at a shoot, and I was trying to find her (Rousey) so we could get a picture, and the Reebok people were like ‘Don’t ask Ronda for a picture.” She was like ‘Why?’ They were like ‘Don’t, just stay away from Ronda, don’t ask her for a picture.”

Thank you everyone who took the time to attend the @reebok #perfectnever luncheon today ????

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“And I guess Ronda came later that day and seeked her (VanZant) out,” Tate continued.

“And just cussed her out. They’ve never really had a conversation either. She’s (VanZant) like ‘I don’t know Ronda other than hi, bye. That’s it.’ I guess she came up, Ronda came up and was like ‘F**k you, you fairweathered bitch. How dare you cross me.’ She (VanZant) was like ‘Cross you? What are you talking about?’ And she (Rousey) is like ‘You congratulated Holly Holm for beating me, so f**k you, you f*****g fairweathered 115-pound.’ She just went off on Paige.”

VanZant then confirmed that Tate’s account of the incident was spot.

“It appears that I offended Ronda by congratulating Holly after her victory. The incident was very shocking and totally unnecessary,” VanZant remarked.

If it’s grudge matches that you love, then unfortunately we have to dash your hopes of a bout between VanZant and Rousey as they are in different divisions.

Rousey plies her trade at 135 lbs while VanZant operates at 115 lbs.