Fans caution overconfident McGregor

UFC fans on Twitter are letting Conor McGregor know that he might want to rethink his strategy the next time he gets into the ring with Nate Diaz.

In his latest social media post, McGregor posted a picture of himself in training, along with a caption that read: “Working the rear hand uppercut with Roddy prior to UFC 196. A shot I called pre fight. Who else can call a shot like the rear hand uppercut on a big 6 foot lurch and then go out and dig that baby repeatedly into the nose? Anyone? Didn’t think so. Mark my f*****g words I am going to toy with him in the rematch. Believe that.”

Calling into question McGregor’s claim that his rear hand uppercut will do the job, however, is a gif that has surfaced showing the featherweight champion getting absolutely punished as he attempted one such blow:

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As you can see, McGregor’s hands are low as he attempts to launch an uppercut, but he gets caught by two powerful punches in the face from Diaz – a right followed by a left – before he can unleash.

It didn’t take UFC fans on Twitter long to remind McGregor of how well this tactic worked for him on that particular occasion: