Bisping: I may be the only clean middleweight fighter

As more and more UFC middleweight fighters get suspended for failing drug tests, Michael Bisping is beginning to wonder whether he is the only clean fighter in the division.

Yoel Romero was suspended for six months in April after testing positive for Ibutamoren, a growth hormone secretagogue. Romero, though, is not the only middleweight fighter to have been suspended for drug violations as Vitor Belfort, Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva have also been banned in the past.

Bisping admitted that it is disappointing to see an increasing number of fighters in his division being suspended and reiterated that he feels as if he is the only middleweight fighter who has not tested positive for any banned substances.

“The more and more things – the more time that passes – the more I think that I’m the only middleweight that’s completely clean, and I’ve done that throughout my career,” Bisping told MMAjunkie. “I’ve taken God knows how many drug tests. (With) every single one, there hasn’t been even a hint of suspicion in any one of my tests. And we just see these legends falling – left, right and center.”

In the past, the 37-year-old has been very vocal about not wanting to fight opponents who have tested positive for banned substances, but on this occasion, Bisping opted to bite his tongue.

“I don’t want to be the guy that goes in about this all the time,” he said. “I know I sound like a broken record. I know people are probably sick of hearing me talk about it.

“I don’t want to kick anybody while they’re down. That’s not how I get my satisfaction. I’m just trying to do myself and look after my family the best way I know how.”