Diaz: I only want to fight McGregor

Nate Diaz has made it clear that he refuses to face anyone else but Conor McGregor at UFC 200 on July 9.

Diaz may have made his demands clear, but UFC president Dana White has confirmed that the Irishman won’t be competing at UFC 200 after he refused to fulfill his promotional obligations in Las Vegas.

White added that Diaz will fight on July 9, but against a new opponent, who has yet to be named.

“Everybody knows what’s been going on with the main event for UFC 200,” White told reporters. “Nate Diaz will fight, and we’re gonna find him a new opponent.”

Diaz, though, does not want a new opponent since he was looking forward to his rematch against McGregor after he ended the Irishman’s unbeaten run in the UFC when he made him submit at UFC 196 last month.

“I came here to fight Conor. I’m not real interested in anyone else,” Diaz said.

The whole saga began when McGregor shocked the UFC community on Tuesday by taking to Twitter to say that he had “decided to retire young”.

On Thursday though, McGregor released a statement on social media confirming that he had not retired and was busy training in Iceland.

With McGregor refusing to honour his promotional obligations, White admitted that he had no choice but to pull the Irishman from UFC 200.

“I think he’s in Iceland,” White said. “We try to give as much leeway as we can on things, but you have to show up and promote the fight.

“Is it too much to ask to shoot a commercial for the fight? A lot of these guys came here from different parts of the world. But, you know, these guys all came. They have better things to do, and they’re here. It’s part of the job.

“We gave Conor every opportunity in the world to be here, too. … I respect Conor very much as a fighter, and I like him, but you have to show up. I just don’t see how that’s fair.”